Sunday, August 10, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 138}

These three participated in a stake fireside tonight where they got to sing for the president of BYU.  All the children were instructed to wear white.  Mailee was stoked she got to wear her baptism dress before her special day, Ella's dress is getting shorter and shorter, and Jonas, as you can see is entering the awkward photo stage where when I say smile I get weird smirk-type thing going on.

This week I am trying to squeeze as much fun out of the tail end of Summer break as I can.  The kids will start to get up every morning at 6 this week to get them used to getting up at that time next week once school starts.  We will slowly start getting back into the morning routine around here as well.  Yay for school and schedules!

Happy Sunday!

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Jessica said...

I was determined to get us back on schedule for school over the weekend. That didn't happen! We are going to the drive in tonight so it looks like we won't be in bed on time until the night before school starts on Tuesday! I am looking forward to being on a schedule again though. Your kids look beautiful as always! Hope you guys are doing well!