Sunday, August 03, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 137}

These they are so rad. 

Life is finally slowing down and things are settling in.  We've been able to spend many days at local pools, museums, bike rides, preschool day camps, soccer games, 3 birthdays in 13 days and the celebrating that entails, school open houses, school shopping (shout out for uniforms), and a few days in between of just being lazy.

I can't believe we are already in August.  School starts in less than two weeks!!  Still trying to convince the girls that uniforms won't limit their creative outfits they love to put together and trying to prep myself for more laundry due two outfits a day.

I'm looking forward to all three being in school this year (Jonas with preschool twice a week), allowing me to do a few things I've been wanting to do for a while now.  Schedules are a big thing for this little family and that is something I'm also looking forward to getting back to.

We officially are Utah residents after paying a visit to the DMV....looks like Utah is stuck with us.

Happy Sunday

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Sol said...

Hey Erica

I wore a school uniform from age 3 up. inventive hair styles, plaits, twists you name it, were all tried. we were also only allowed to have ribbons of our house colour, (hair bands and slides). Our school blazers, shoes and socks also came from the school shop. Our satchels came from one shop that was the only one that sold them. it is still that way.

If you are allowed different coloured hair bands etc this will make it easier to feel like an individual. But once you are there and everyone else is wearing the same, you start to not be bothered by it.

I wished I had gone to a different school where you were allowed any bag or coat. But thinking back, uniforms really did make it so you didn't know who were rich and who were poorer. That is why they have uniforms in England