Sunday, July 06, 2014

{Sunday Photo -135}

Today's Sunday photo includes a family that goes back to the Veterinary school days.  The Christiansens are good family friends who spent the Iowa years with us raising babies, having babies, watching each other's babies, supporting each other and with barely a penny to our names, we'd combine our resources and have many a potluck style dinner.

There's stories and history and friendships that have lasted years.  Now they live ten minutes away!  We are super excited to be able to hang out again...they will be life long friends for sure.

Happy Sunday!
p.s. If you're in the Lehi area I know an amazing podiatrist ...go see Dr. Christiansen! 


Debbi said...

I just wrote almost the same thing about Bret! Ha! It was fun seeing you again! You guys are awesome.

Sol said...

aw that is real nice to have friends close when you move to a new area