Sunday, June 29, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 134}

We left our piano in California when we moved to Utah.  The kids were sad that we were but I promised them we'd find another one shortly after we got into the new house.

I wanted one that worked but wasn't to learn on, be banged on a little (or a lot) and one that matched the style of our home.  Thanks to KSL classifieds (what can't you find on there?!) today we have a piano. 

There is a designated music room in our house.  It has French doors that can be closed when "music" is playing.  Ukuleles, guitar, piano and other musical instruments can be enjoyed and played behind closed doors if need be...and sometimes, I'll be needs be!

Things are starting to get settled.  Bedrooms are starting to be unpacked and the main floor is done.  Piano teachers have been sought out, dance teachers found, sports programs identified, season passes to nearby museums and gardens have been purchased and it seems that soon the kids will be able to also settle into Summer. 

I'm ready to settle into Summer myself...

Happy Sunday!

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