Sunday, May 18, 2014

{Sunday Photograph -131}


- I slept in until 8!  Eight o'clock people...that's CRAZY talk around these parts!!
- Let the kids watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  They were way into the movie.  Their reaction to the chilled monkey brains was the same one I gave as a child...consisting of a dry heave and gagging.
- Realized we have 3 more Sundays until we move!!  Apparently so did the Bishopric, seeing as how I now have a talk to prepare for as well.
- Took a Sunday afternoon nap.  This is becoming a common thing for me again.  Having older kids does have perks.
- Starting to panic a little with all that I need to get done packing wise, things/places I want to take the kids one more time before we move and still doing the everyday things that need to get done.  There have been many times lately, when I have wished that there were multiples of me.
-I am seriously considering taking Brazilian Ju Jitsu once we are moved to Utah.  I took Karate for years (even met Chuck Norris),  but feel like BJJ will be a nice outlet for stress and fun way to keep my other workouts from getting boring.
-While watching the two dogs play fight this evening it made me slightly giddy inside to know that they will not be coming with us to Utah since the rental does not allow dogs.  I do feel bad for the kids since they are obsessed with the dogs, but the feeling is fleeting...

Happy Sunday!

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Sol said...

Good luck with packing. its a shame about the pooches. Sad