Sunday, May 11, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 130}

How lucky am I to be called "Mom" by these three littles?  It's a name and a title that I take seriously.  One that stretches me beyond my comfort zone, one that makes days difficult and other days amazing.  It's a name that is a privilege, an honor and at times one that seems unworthy to have. 

It seems to me that on this day, when my children are celebrating me, that instead, I should be thanking and celebrating them.  It is because of them that I am a mother. 

I love them something fierce...

Homemade cards, a mothers day pin made by Ella and a wave ring given by all three.  They know how much I love the ocean and the beach and how sad I am to be leaving it when we move.  Now I can take the beach with me.
Jonas was able to go up with the rest of the kids in primary and sing to me.  As you can tell he was super shy about it...

Happy Sunday.

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Sol said...

Aw is he trying to wink in the first one? And look at him beaming when his sister is there in the last one. Love it!

love the ring