Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Sunday Photograph 129}

Easter Sunday 2014:
- The Littles were excited to wear their Easter clothes to church.  Jonas looked more like a Leprechaun but he insisted on wearing the green plants. 

-Made the traditional bunny cake in the morning before church.  I may or may not have eaten buttercream frosting on graham crackers for breakfast.
- Uncle Adam and Uncle Jesse spent the holiday with us.  We are going to miss having them so close when we move.  The kids kept talking about them coming for Easter all week.  It will be nice to not have Jonas' ceaseless inquiries about when they were coming.
-Usually we have lamb chops and ham but this year ham was the only meat on the menu.  What's also become a tradition in our family is the bacon and parmesan baked asparagus.  Delish!
- After dinner the introduction of all things sweet kicked off with bunny cake and ice cream.  I think cake and ice cream is one of my favorite desserts.
- The guys went out back and helped the Easter Bunny hide candy filled eggs, and a few other treasures for the kids.

- I think it's safe to say the kids didn't lack in the candy area.  They were all very excited for their new baseball gloves (we've been very into The Sandlot movie lately), their water paints and the new Tinkerbell movie.
-After the hunt the kids went inside and poured out their loot.  We like to separate the chocolate from the non-chocolate sweets.  We will have plenty of treats for the car ride to Monterey this weekend.
- Baseballs were thrown around out back and bubbles were blown.  The weather was beautiful and perfect.
I had posted my thoughts about today and why we celebrate it on Instagram but wanted to be sure and document it here as well.
I am far from being a perfect person and mother, and I make many, many, MANY mistakes.  How grateful I am to still have a way to be able to be with my family forever because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

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