Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 127}

Snapped this pic on the way to church.  Mailee's seatbelt looks super safe does it not?

It's the beginning of Spring break for the kids.  We are heading to Utah this week but have a few days before we leave.  I should have all sorts of fun spring breaky things to do with them...but I don't. 

Looking for rental homes is frustrating.  I like to have things planned out when it comes to changes and kids.  Is it too much to ask for a rental house that doesn't look like a cabin with a tiny kitchen and no windows?   Ideally I want a big kitchen and lots of natural light...didn't realize that was so hard to come by.
It was very Spring-like weather today.  I love flowy skirts and bright colored clothes as much as I love chunky sweaters in the Fall.  I also love bow ties for $1 in the dollar spot at Target. 

I made peanut butter cup brownies today.  We haven't had them for a couple of weeks...and that's a long time for us.  None of us can have only one (or three).
Jonas requested Mailee draw super hero dogs at church today.  When she showed me her drawings I smiled.  I can't decide if I like the Hulk Dog or the Iron Dog the best.  On the back of the paper is listed the names of the owners ie: Tony Stark.

I was eating some salt water taffy today and broke my one and only crown.  Taffy doesn't taste as good when it's got hard bits of crown in it...take my word for it. 

I cook they clean.  I sat on the couch and watched all three kids clean up after dinner.  Dishes being put away, table being wiped down, chairs tucked in and placemats put away.  Even the dog did his job by eating up the crumbs.  I didn't feel bad one bit for sitting and watching.

My kids thought they would be able to stay up late because there's no school tomorrow.  They thought wrong.  Mama wants some quiet time, regardless of school in the morning or not.

Happy Sunday!


Sol said...

Road Trip! getting as much light as California will be hard?

Krista Hansen said...

I'm not sure where you guys are moving in Utah, but I live in a great neighborhood in Lehi. On the Thanksgiving Point golf course and it's close to the freeway and the Front Runner. We love it! Good luck!

Meg said...

I've been considering getting these dining chairs! Do you like them? They look super cute in your house. I want something wipe-able and kid friendly. Thanks!!