Sunday, February 09, 2014

{Sunday Photograph - 123}

Today's Sunday photo is actually a few photos from the past few days spent with visiting family. 

It's been unseasonably hot and dry here...that is until this past weekend.  My brother came to visit with hopes of getting some sun and even visiting the beach, but instead he got cooler weather and rain.  The people of Southern California aren't complaining, water is much needed, and given that it was 20 degrees in Utah where they live I'm sure low 60's wasn't too much of a disappointment.

We went to Disneyland (see photo above), where it rained off and on pretty much the whole time we were there, but that didn't stop us from having fun.
Best ride of the day was the Ferris Wheel.  Hearing my brother's high pitched screams while we swung back and forth on that ride made me laugh so hard!
We kept ourselves entertained inside with Nerf guns.  I don't think Nerf guns ever get old.  The Uncles made the kids hold cookie sheets and run back and forth and forward and back while they shot at them (think Toy Story ride at California Adventure).

It was all fun and games until they started shooting at me...even Jonas joined in the "fun".

My kids got all their uncles addicted to Minecraft.  At one point the girls game expertise was needed after they had gone to bed, but that didn't stop one uncle from going upstairs and asking them for help. 
The sun came out on Saturday so we headed to the park for a picnic and to get some wiggles out.

 It's always great to have family come and visit us.  Lots of laughs, yummy food, poker playing, crap talking and Olympic games watching happened and were enjoyed.  What would we do without family?!?
Happy Sunday!

p.s. A belated Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandma (a day late).  We love you grandma!!!

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Sol said...

How great is it that you live so close to Disney. My nieces and nephews would love that for sure.

lovely pics as usual!