Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Jonas had massive tonsils.  They were causing him to not sleep well, snore, breathing issues, always sick, etc.  We finally decided to have them looked at. 

It took 30 minutes to drive there, 45 minutes of waiting and only about 20 seconds of the doctor looking, for him to proclaim "Yeah, those are HUGE!  See my nurse and we will schedule surgery".

Yesterday was the day of his surgery.  On the days leading up to it I kept explaining the procedure to him and how he would probably feel afterwards.  I also recorded his voice a lot.  We love, LOVE his voice.  It's deep and throaty and did I mention deep?  I have been warned it is likely his voice won't be the same so at least we will have videos of his deep voice.
This is me, at 6:20 in the morning, slightly teary eyed, nervous and trying not to show it, on our way to the surgery center.  It was just going to be me and Jonas because the district spelling bee happened to be the same day so Bret went with Ella.

This procedure happens all the time and is very common and that's what I kept telling myself, but I couldn't help but get nervous.  It's never fun seeing your Littles be in pain.

After checking in we were taken back and put in a room with toys and Sesame Street on TV.  The nurses took to Jonas fast...I think at one point there were 5 in the room talking to him and playing with him.  He'd play for a bit and then come running to me and ask me to hold him. 
Poor little dude was feeling nervous I could tell, so I let him play on my phone...something that has NEVER been allowed before...EVER.  That proved to be a great distraction.

They took him back in a wagon and as he turned the corner I think it hit him that I wasn't going with him and he yelled out a long wailing "Mooooooooooooooom".  Yeah...that part wasn't my favorite.

The surgery was fast and went well.  He woke up before I came into recovery.  I didn't need the nurses to tell me where he was...I just needed to follow the angry screams. 
Once home and situated he calmed down and did much better.  He's been drinking constantly, and by constantly I mean sipping something at least once a minute.  Potty breaks 'a plenty around here!
I took him to pick out some cold drinks and foods before his surgery.  I think it helped him with his nerves.  This has been the best thing so far for him.  You just add juice and shake.  They are yummy and have some protein which help with his hunger.   If you're child is having their tonsils removed stock up on these...it's faster with less mess than doing smoothies in the blender (which we do as well).
So far he's been doing ok.  Last night and today has been a bit rough but he's doing much better than I thought he would.  It's also been pretty entertaining to see the things he does when drugged up on pain meds.  Let's just say he takes to pain meds the way his mama does...
I have such awesome people in my life.  So many texts, phone calls, comments, and emails wishing Jonas luck and asking how he was feeling.  He's been visited by friends bearing cold treats and bags of toys to entertain.  I really am surrounded by amazing people who care...THANK YOU!


Anne-Marie said...

...and of course having the perfect quilt on hand helped with all those cold drinks, right? Right??? I'm glad he's doing so well and that Mama survived ;) How did Ella do?? Good luck when the drugs are done :)

William said...

You are doing a great job and Jonas is getting well taken care of. Wish we could be closer to help out and especially just to give him a big hug. I too am anxious to hear his voice again and wonder how much, if any, difference there will be. Let us know when to Face Time. Love ya!

Sol said...

aw poor Jonas. Get well soon Jonas!