Sunday, December 29, 2013

{Sunday Photograph - 117}

Forgot to get a Sunday photo until just before bed time.  Snapped a quick picture with my phone...that will have to do for today.

Some thoughts going on in my head today.

01.  It was Jonas' last Sunday in Nursery (church class for kids age 18 months - 3 years).  God bless the teacher(s) who have him and the other new kids who are moving up to primary next week.

02.  I still haven't had time to sit and post about our recent Utah trip, as well as post about Christmas.  Tomorrow is my goal to post these things...but we shall see.  It WILL be done before the new year (I hope).

03.  It's slowly become a tradition to make Reeses Peanut butter cup brownies on Sunday.  I haven't heard a complaint yet about that tradition.

04.  We feed the missionaries a lot. 

05.  Sundays used to be a good rest day...not so much recently.  I need to get back to making it a "day of rest". 

06.  Last Sunday photo of 2013.  Though 2013 brought amazing things, it was a challenging one.  Here's to 2014.  Fourteen happens to be my favorite number so this is my year...

1 comment:

Sol said...

Gosh Erica, your littles are getting so big!

I think I have been following you for over 6 years now.

Wishing the Grover Family immense happiness and success for 2014.

*waves from England*