Monday, December 30, 2013

{Land of snow + ice}

Decided to take the kids to Utah for a quick trip to see some family and play in the snow.  This was my first adventure traveling with the kids solo.  They are amazing little travelers so I wasn't worried.  I think there was even a 2-3 hour period of time during the drive where no one said one word!
Utah was cold and covered in snow (and a nasty inversion), but that didn't stop the kids from having some fun.
Sledding is always a fun time when your backyard is Y mountain.  The kids surprised me and stayed out for a couple of hours.  Last year they were cold and done after 30 minutes in the snow.
Got to spend some time with this little chunky monkey.  His thighs and cheeks are so deliciously chubby.
Jonas and his cousin Maddie hit it off right from the beginning this trip.  They are so fun to watch.  They talk to each other in their own language of sorts.
Took the kids on the train to visit the lights at Temple Square one night.  We were able to see long time friends and spend it with family.
The night proved to be quite the cold adventure.  Jonas wasn't a fan of the cold after a couple hours, as you can tell by his tears and his pouty lip.
Turns out everyone in Utah had the same idea as we did and took the train to see the lights the Monday before Christmas as well. Lucky for me I had an amazing friend come and rescue us and chauffer us back down to Provo in a nice warm car.
My kids enjoyed going for a walk along my old route I'd walk when going to school.  The girls just couldn't believe I was allowed to walk home.  I informed them they'd be doing the same thing if they didn't have to go under a freeway, cross over railroad tracks and a few busy streets. 
Bret wasn't able to make the trip out with us.  He was able to read a lot, play the Wii without little kids wanting to "help", and did an 11 mile hike to the top of one of local mountains by our home. 
Though I'm sure he enjoyed his alone time, he did state he was tired of coming home to two dogs and was ready for the noise and craziness again.
Before heading back to sunny California we grabbed a dozen donuts from a favorite bakery of mine.  It's tradition to always stop on our way out of town.  The donuts were enjoyed through Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. 
It was a quick trip, but one that the kids really enjoyed.  I've got my snow fix for the Winter and am quite happy to be back to the 70 degree weather here in California!  Should you desire to get away from the land of snow and ice you are always welcome for a visit...

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