Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{Christmas 2013}

It's the final day of the year and I have got to post about Christmas while its still 2013.

After returning from Utah I realized I had a lot more to do then I thought.  Christmas cards had been ordered before the Utah trip but didn't arrive until we had already left.  I hurried and sent them out (if you didn't get one I sincerely apologize), and did some last minute Christmas shopping for things I had forgotten.

We were lucky enough to have Bret's brother Mitchell (he's single and ready to mingle...let's play match maker and get him married?), and his sister and her family spent Christmas with us.

We baked in the kitchen and played out in the 75 degree weather.  It was odd having all the windows open that evening while frosting tons of sugar cookies because everyone was hot.
Sugar cookies were frosted and large amounts of homemade buttercream was consumed.  Christmas music played and family time was enjoyed.
It is tradition in our home to have a family talent show on Christmas Eve.  The girls prepare all month long, their talent changing almost daily.  Should you come and spend Christmas with us be prepared to have a talent to share.

This year the talents were phenomenal. 
Uncle Mitchell did the splits
Uncle Piotr beat boxed and rapped.  Lyrics and facial expressions all by him.
Aunt Amy performed  a "contemporary" piece.  The tutu was a big hit.
Jonas stated he was going to break dance months ago and his choice never waivered.  He even knew what song he wanted to dance to -"Get Lucky" by Daft Punk.  It's his jam.
Ella wasn't quite sure she wanted to do a solo hula and asked me to do one with her - hence the flower behind my ear, but in the end I convinced her to do it on her own.  No pic of me during my talent so this one will have to do.
My talent was playing the cup and singing "When I'm Gone".
Ella did a hula to "White Christmas".
Bret played the ukulele and sang "Up on the House Top".
Denver and Preston (cousins) made origami Star Wars puppets and performed a puppet show for us.
Mailee danced with the poi balls.  She was pretty stoked she could do 3 at a time.
The talent show provided many laughs and fond memories for all involved.  The kids are already throwing out ideas for next year.
After the talent show portion of the evening, we all gathered together and told the story of Christ's birth. The kids and some of the adults participated in the reenactment with our nativity puppets.
We ended the "program" by singing Silent Night together as a family.
The kids were given their new pajamas, reindeer food was sprinkled out on the lawn and Frosty the Snowman was watched, then off to bed the kids went.
Once the kids were in bed we got busy playing Santa.  Toys were put together, stockings were filled and the last of the presents wrapped and placed under the tree.
We watched "The Holiday" and "Love Actually" then headed to bed, hoping the kids wouldn't get up too early.
The kids didn't get up until 7!  Instructions were given to brush teeth and sit at the top of the stairs.
They were all a bit excited to see if Santa had visited.
Squeals of delight and lots of unwrapping filled our morning.  The best part for me is giving those I love gifts and watching them open them. 
In the words of Jonas, "This was the best Christmas ever!!", and having family here to spend it with us made it even better. 


Amy Wysocki said...
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Amy Wysocki said...

Thank you for lettings us spend it with you guys! We all had a wonderful time, and this was one of the best Christmas's I have had in a long time!! THANK YOU!!

Cristy said...

What a great Christmas! Great job memory maker!