Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Monday was our annual Halloween pumpkin carving.  Every year I try and convince the kids to go old school with the carving.  You know, a black sharpie and a steak on the pumpkin carving edge, wondering if you're going to hack a finger off with the kitchen knife or not. 

As much as I try to convince them they just don't budge.  They want fancy ones.  Templates are chosen, pumpkins are cleaned out (some of us like that part better than others - Ella gagged a few times), holes were poked by everyone to trace the pattern onto the pumpkin and then we all carved...a little.

Let's be honest...the carving is Bret's part.  He really enjoys it and looks forward to it every year.  Here's this year's pumpkins:

Bret: Darth Maul
Erica: Thor's Hammer (Jonas chose mine)
Ella: Creepy pumpkin
Mailee: Minion
Jonas: Luigi
The kids have requested to eat their meals by pumpkin light.  It's still dark when they are eating breakfast in the morning and they have loved it.

Tomorrow we plan on a little Trick-or-Treating and a potluck with friends.  So far this year, the candy consumption hasn't been overboard....yet.  I'm sure that will change tomorrow...

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