Thursday, October 03, 2013


01. With the cooler weather we've been enjoying this past week the oven has been turned on more times then it has in the last 3 months.   Loaves of coconut bread, zucchini bread, cookies, brownies, and corn bread have all been enjoyed.

I spend most of my days with an apron tied on.  It's a good thing I have awesome friends who make or send me super cute ones that make me happy when I wear them.

02.  It's October 3rd and there is already Christmas decorations out at stores and Christmas gift emails have started coming (though sparse) to my inbox.  Why?!  WHY?!?

03.  Met with the doctor today regarding Jonas' tonsils.  She was amazed at the size of his tonsils.   They are touching his Uvula and each other.  She's surprised he can breath as well as he can. An appointment is set with the ENT...I have a feeling he will be saying goodbye to his tonsils in the near future.

04.  The other night  Bret had to work the night shift at the hospital.  I got a text around 9:45 saying "emergencies have slowed down, numbed my chest and had Ron remove that huge mole.  Took a video so you wouldn't feel left out, or you can remove the other one if you want".

How thoughtful.

05.  I have been watching video clips on YouTube of real life ghost stories.  There have been a few that seriously freaked me out.  I can't stop watching.

I think I realized now why I freak myself out and run as fast as I can up our stairs after turning off all the lights before bed.  I freaked myself out with thoughts about ghosts right behind me. 

Perhaps watching them some other time before going to bed would be best...

06.  I made a ton of raspberry freezer jam from raspberries we picked ourselves.  I may or may not be known to have this jam on everything I eat.  I have even been seen eating it by itself.  Another batch will need to be made I'm sure to last us through the Winter.

07.  I've been watching The Voice and I gotta say...I have a crush on Adam AND Blake.  Not a fan of Ceelo's henna head tat and though Christina looks amazing since the last time she was on the show...I admit, I am missing her veiny boobs and odd hair and clothing choices.  Who knew?

08.  Needing to clean out my closet again.  I am thinking about doing the whole "instagram store" thing and selling some of my clothes/shoes that way.  It just requires more work then stuffing them in garbage bags and donating locally, though getting some extra $ would allow me to, you know...get more clothes.

Yes, yes...I's a viscous cycle.

09. Looking forward to our Utah trip we are making soon.  I have not seen Utah in the Fall for at least 10 years!  I hope there are still some beautiful leaves up the canyon when we are there.

You hear that Mother Nature?  No more snow for Utah just can dump on them all you want once we've come and gone.

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Sol said...

that blue top really suits your colouring.

I have to record all scary things and watch them in the middle of the day. That way I am not thinking about them before bed. The best time to see a movie is Saturday morning.

And having a skilled colleague to remove a mole, is better than chancing it with a DR who might make a larger scar. and obviously seeing the Dr in the US costs you. over here it would be free but might not be so pretty after. Although my last operation the scar is the thinnest line ever, I paid to go private. No NHS on that one.

Could you post the coconut bread recipe please? its sounds divine