Friday, September 06, 2013


01.  Since school has started back up it's just been me and my little man until 2 every day.  He cracks me up and challenges me with how different he is compared to my girls.  He's always needing to be constantly busy and doesn't like to do an activity for longer than 20 minutes tops.  Where ever I am you will find him not far behind...I don't know what privacy means anymore.

Here's to hoping I can go to the bathroom without interruption sometime in the near future.

02.  Bret, Jonas and I headed up the mountain yesterday and picked raspberries.  Berry stained hands (and clothes), sweaty bodies and berry filled bellys and 6 overflowing pints came back down the mountain.

I made 18 eight ounce jars of raspberry freezer jam last night (not too shabby for $22 worth of raspberries).  We can't wait to slather the berry yumminess on everything from waffles and pancakes, to thick slices of Bret's homemade bread. 

03.  Truth - there is a suitcase still on my bedroom floor with clean unfolded piles of clothes in it and around it from all our traveling LAST MONTH!  That's right...I've been meaning to unpack that suitcase for over a month now.  How awesome am I?

04.  I've been reading the book "The Power of a Positive No".  It's an amazing book and very thought provoking.

I just finished reading "The Power of Positive Thinking", a book  I've read at least 4 or 5 times.  It's one of my favorite books.  Norman Vincent Peale's words have helped me in different stages during my life.  It's such a powerful book. 

I recommend reading both books won't regret it.

05.  As of late I have not been feeling fulfilled.  I find when I feel this way something is off.  I realized that I've been so busy with doing my own thing I haven't looked for opportunities to help and serve others.   I'm not talking about curing world hunger or buying someone a house...but I know I can get out of this funk if I actively look for small and simple ways to be selfless.

06.  I have forgotten how hot the months of August and September are here.  I despise being hot, but after seeing what our next estimated AC bill will be I am perfectly happy sitting in a puddle of my own sweat.  Let's just say I probably shouldn't have turned the air down so low...oops.

I'm ready for it to be Fall weather...and so is my bank account.

07.  Betty White died.  WHAT?!?  Calm down, the beloved human Betty White is still alive and kicking...I meant our female tortoise.  She was relinquished to Bret by an old lady who couldn't care for the tortoise anymore.  It was super sick with a severe respiratory infection and we knew taking it on that it could potentially die. 

She seemed to be doing better for a bit, but the infection never went away.  Bret thinks she died because of the infection.  I think it's because Chuck Norris (the tortoise) exhausted her with his "reproductive shenanigans". 

Every time I was out there he was all over her.  I kept telling her to run...but she's a Tortoise.  Makes me laugh every time I think that Betty White died from being over "loved" by Chuck Norris...what a way to go!

Happy weekend!

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