Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Sunday Photo 105}

 {Early morning iPhone pictures taken before church.  My camera is broken and getting fixed}

The last Sunday before school starts up again.  I cant believe it! I finally feel like we are getting settled back into a normal schedule and actually be in the state for longer than 10 days and and now school is starting?!

This Summer has been a whirlwind of travel, fun, family and sun.  Though I am sad the kids are going back to school (and I have to start making their lunches again), I know that all of us are ready for a schedule again.

I think a double batch of peanut buttercup brownies will help us cope better with the end of Summer...

Happy Sunday.


Jessica said...

You're in the picture Erica! I need to take more pictures of my kids that include me in the picture as well. We are having peanut butter swirl brownies today to cope with the back to school blues too....always a good idea.

brittany said...

love these pictures.. and your dress!