Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Grilled cedar plank Salmon}

I've mentioned here before that last month Bret spent a week in Ketchikan, Alaska and brought back 150 pounds of Alaskan salmon. 

Last month was the first time I have tasted ANYTHING from any sort of body of water.  What??!?  I know, I know...deep breaths.

Anyway, due to the amount of salmon we have currently we've been eating a lot of it (and by we, I mean mostly Bret and the kids.  I take a few bites here and there).

We had some friends over last Sunday and grilled up some salmon for them.  It was fast, easy, and yummy.  I even ate more than one or two bites...and that's saying something.

I posted some pics on Instagram of the fish and got lots of recipe requests.  I decided to post it here for future references and to make it easy to share the recipe. 

Let me preface this that everyone cooks their salmon different.  This is my take on one of the many ways you can prepare salmon.

{Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon}
Marinade Ingredients:
1 orange
1-3 lemons - depending on how much fish
 fresh minced garlic
2 sticks salted butter
fresh dill
season salt

1- Get your planks.  You can find these planks in the BBQ area of your local grocery store.  Soak planks in water.  I like to have them soaking overnight.

2- Check fish for bones and remove carefully

3 - prepare marinade.  Melt butter.  add minced garlic, salt, pepper, season salt.  Exact measurements aren't my strong point when it comes to cooking.  I would caution with how much salt you put in if you use salted butter.  You can always taste the marinade to be sure it's salted to taste.  Finely chop 2-3 sprigs of dill (removed from stem), and add to mixture. 

4 - This is a key step so pay attention.  My mom taught me a secret to get rid of the fishy smell or if using chicken that poultry smell (yuck).  Cut an orange in half and squeeze the juice all over the fish/chicken.  It's amazing! 
5-Place fish on cedar planks skin side down.  We put the planks on a cookie sheet for easier transport and less mess.  Using a basting brush, brush marinade generously all over fish, making sure you get edges all around.

Thinly slice lemons and place on top of fish.  Add sprigs of dill on top as well.  See...pretty and yummy!
6 - Place planks directly onto the grill.  Grill should've been turned on high to heat up.  Immediately turn grill down to medium low and cover. 

If your grill doesn't have a cover use an aluminum bowl to really smoke the fish.  Try hard not to open the grill/cover very often.  That will keep the smoky flavor in, help cook the fish evenly and avoid hot flames from coming up and starting the planks on fire.
7 - Using a fork check the thickest part of the meat.  If meat flakes apart easily the fish is done.  Cook time varies on size and thickness of fish.

8 - We usually remove ours from the plank if the plank is burned a bit.  Serve with rice, seasonal veggies, and crusty bread...or whatever side dishes you want.  I didn't get a picture of the plate with all the fixings, but believe me it was pretty.


Sol said...

wow that looks delicious. I don't think I have ever seen those planks in England. I wonder if we can get them

Wickey said...

Nice job with the Fire & Flavor planks.

Keep up the great work!