Sunday, July 28, 2013

{Sunday Photo - 104}

I made a fort out of our parachute on Friday.  Over the last 3 days the kids have spent a lot of their time in there reading, playing games, and laughing (with the occasional fight every 30-45 minutes or so).

Today, the kids informed us that we would be having a dance party in "The Intense Fort".  The dance party had to keep being postponed due to other activities we had going on.  They even provided a sign up sheet.
A few things I'd like to point out on this sign up sheet:
1 - The address is "Playroom street".  That's code for the playroom.
2 - I asked Jonas what he wanted to bring to the party...and wrote his answer down.
3 - In case you want RSV please call the number listed on the paper. 
Inside the "Intense Fort".  Five people and 2 dogs were under there at one point.  I got claustrophobic and had to remove myself from the craziness going on under there. 

The dance party commenced, leaving us breathless and with memories of seeing each others awesome (and not so awesome) dance moves.
These kids...they keep me humble, happy, tired, grounded and always wanting to be better. 

Other than the dance party in the "Intense Fort", the day was spent napping, reading, playing games, etc.  It was our first Sunday spent in our home since the third week in June!  It felt good to be back in our own little space doing nothing.

Happy Sunday!


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lol the list has poop in the food list. that cracked me up! That's such a boy thing

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