Thursday, July 25, 2013


01.  Did I mention that we have another tortoise?  Her name is Betty White (because Betty White is the female equivalent to Chuck Norris - didn't you know?)  Special thanks to our friend Matt who suggested the name.

Last night we spotted Chuck Norris attempting to mate with Betty White.  HA!  Even typing out that line makes me laugh.  Chuck made his mating (thrusting) attempts on all sides of Betty. 

I knew that somewhere in there was a Chuck Norris joke.  Perhaps something like - Chuck Norris is so manly that it doesn't matter what end he taps...he still gets them pregnant.

Here's hoping we have little baby tortoises.  They will be a super breed with such awesome parents.

02.  You know you've logged lots of hours in your car when it smells like stale fast food, candy wrappers can be seen behind car seats, crayons litter the floor and the outside front of the car is covered with massive amounts of bugs and guts.

03.  Ella turned 9 last Sunday while we were in Utah.  She's quite the little tweeny-bopper, talking about music, boys, lip gloss, prefers her hair down and falling in her face and takes forever deciding which earrings to wear that day. 

She's tenderhearted, an amazing helper and beautiful inside and out.

04.  We are finally home and plan on remaining here (well most of us) until school starts next month.  Since we've been home after nearly a month of travel all I have wanted to do is STAY HOME. 

It's a good day right now if I even put a bra on.

05.  Turns out that my nails do actually grow...I just needed to stop biting them.

06.  Sitting in our plastic pool in the backyard is as close as we have come to a pool this Summer!??!  On the other hand, we've done many beach trips.  I'll take the ocean over chlorine filled water with a high potential of an emergency poop evacuation happening.

07.  Thinking about getting Jonas' tonsils out.  They have always been huge.  He snores and wakes up sweaty from his body having to work harder to breathe, is constantly sick or has a runny nose and shows other symptoms that could probably be cured by having the surgery done. 

Anyone have a child that had theirs removed at a young age?  Did it help?

08.  Last night I couldn't sleep.  Bret came down at 3 in the morning and found me wiping down the cupboards in the kitchen.

Getting a lot done is the silver lining of insomnia I suppose.


Sarah said...

My oldest 2 both had their tonsils (and adenoids) removed at age 3 - both due to sleep issues (snoring, waking up at night, etc). While it was really hard to put them under the knife at such a young age, they bounced back quickly and it was SO helpful in the end that I'm very glad we did it! Definitely worth it for us. Good luck!

Rachel said...

My older there had theirs taken out at age 2. Best thing we ever did. They were constantly sick and were horrible sleepers. Now they hardly get sick and sleep like rocks. My baby is heading down that same road and will most likely have hers out next year when she turns two. I say do it. The first ten days after are hard but it is well worth it.