Wednesday, July 17, 2013


01. We are heading on another road trip back to Utah.  This is the third trip to Utah (Provo, then St. George, and now Provo again) in the last 2 weeks.

We love our family members and so we make these trips to be able to support them during big events and also see those we haven't seen in a few years, including a new nephew I've never met.

What?  You guys don't try and be all matchy-matchy when you're road tripping?!  Wait...neither do we...intentionally.

02.  Dramamine is my new BFF for the road trips.  Car sickness is no joke.  It seems to be getting worse the older I get.  BOO!

03.  We've been living out of suitcases since the end of June.  Even when we are at home for a few days between trips I just wash the dirty clothes and keep the clean ones in the suitcases too, making packing up and leaving for the next trip easier.

I have become quite the awesome packer though...yay me!

04.  Did you hear about the lady in China who answered her iPhone 5 while it was charging, got electrocuted and died?!?  I won't be answering my phone while it's charging anymore.  Yikes!

05.  This weekend while we are away both Bret and Ella's birthday will happen.  I haven't had time to get any gifts yet for Ella.  When I asked her what she wanted she said, "I basically have everything that I want, you guys are awesome like that!". 

No Ella, you're awesome like that and give us that response very year.  Now...what to get her...since she was no help.

06.  On the news this morning they spouted off some statistic regarding how many millions of cans of Spaghetti O's are consumed each year by Americans. Yes, they said millions!  I had to look up what Spaghetti O's were.  I think I remember heating up a can once for a kid I was babysitting.

I am disappointed that, one, this riveting information made the news (and by riveting I mean NOT), and two, really America?

07.  Last night the FedEx guy asked if I was Iranian.  That's a first.  Add it to my growing list of ethnicities people think I am. Filipino, Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori, Native American, Mexican, Brazilian, Tajikiastani, Spanish, and now...Iranian. 

08.  Here's a tip for you - when going on a road trip grab a pair of kitchen tongs.  It will save your neck.  You know the drill...every two minutes or so you're turning around to give/get something to the kids.  Crayons, coloring books, snacks, etc.  Use the tongs to hand it to them.  Your neck will thank you.

09.   I recently completed my 3 months of Turbo Fire.  If you like Beach Body workouts, intense cardio, HIIT workouts and burning a ton of calories I highly recommend this workout series.  You do need to know how to pick up choreography and keep a beat.  

Next up, a little Insanity until I start the new Insanity program T25 in a few weeks. 

10.    I know far too much about My Little Pony.  Cutie marks, songs and names.  It's pretty pathetic that I said this morning "We've already seen this episode before".  WE?!?  Whoa.

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Sol said...

no. 7 I am always Greek. When sailing, where ever we stop to get provisions, bang they start yabbering away in Greek at me. Points to self and shouts out "ME ENGLISH". No idea why I shout it.

I will remember number 8 when I take my nephew to the Harry Potter Studios next month. he is always dropping things in the foot well.

your hair is beautiful! Gorgeous.

have a great weekend