Thursday, July 11, 2013


01. This picture was the Sunday Photo for June 30.  I didn't post it on the blog so I thought I'd post it now.  Three happy kids in my parents backyard in Utah.  They love this place.

I have started packing about 3 outfits per kid that can be deemed "grubby" clothes that are to be worn when at my parents house.

These clothes can get berry stains (and boy do they!), chicken poop, dirt and grass stains on them without me having to care.  It's the smart thing to do when at my parents house.

02.The kids and I spent last week in Utah with my family while Bret went fishing for the week in Alaska.  He brought home a little over 150 lbs of Salmon and already has plans to go back every two years from now on.

I don't eat fish. 

My best friend I joked that next time we should go with the husbands.  Bret's face was priceless.  He probably imagined spending 10-12 hours with the wives on the boat every day for a week.  It would be a whole different Alaska experience!

I assured him that we'd get our own two man boat and catch more fish than them...OR...lose our motor in the ocean and call them for help.

Either way, doesn't it sound fun Bret and Carlos?

03.Tomorrow we leave again for a quick weekend trip to St. George, Utah.  We will be back for 3 days then leave again back to Provo for another quick trip.  Two weeks later I'm back up to do a wedding in Salt Lake. 

My car and the 8 hour drive to Provo are now best friends.  I need to make a playlist of calming music that I can play when driving from here to Vegas.  There are always STUPID people driving to Vegas.

04.The kids have one more month left before school starts.  What?!!?  I swear our Summer break gets shorter every year. 

So much to little time.

05.Today is a lazy day around here.  I'm not feeling well, the kids are still in their pj's and it's supposed to drizzle.  On days like this my secret weapon is bubble wrap and balloons.

We blow up balloons, about 30 and throw them on the playroom floor.  This simple activity keeps them busy and entertained.  Games like, don't let the balloon touch the lava, hot potato and of course putting the balloon under your shirt and then playing Sumo wrestler are enjoyed.

The bubble wrap gets taped on the floor.  Stomping, dancing, rolling - anything that pops the wrap - happens. 

Cheap and effective entertainment.  You know you want to pop some of the bubble wrap too...

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Sol said...

I am SOOOO stealing your idea about the bubble wrap. I can collect that at work. think of all the fun on Boxing day we can have with that and the little kids to have something to occupy them the day after all the Christmas craziness.

Excellent idea. Thanks