Sunday, June 16, 2013

{Sunday Photographs - 102}

Blogging from my cell phone...we'll see how it goes.
We fulfilled Bret's Father's Day request for a relaxing weekend spent at the beach on Saturday and swimming with his family all day the rest of the weekend.
This man of mine is one of the best.  He can drop everything and rock out to an almost daily request for a dance party.

He makes wearing fake pearls and lace gloves while attending a stuffed animal tea party look sexy.  

He can be found reading (and sleeping) up in Jonas' bed with all three kids nestled around him.

He makes an awesome angry troll under a bridge, a mermaid king and Ironman's daddy.  

He genuinely loves being a father and I love him for it.
As I was taking this picture he was explaining to the kids that the phrase "Sweating like a pig" doesn't make sense because pigs don't sweat.

Did I also mention he knows a lot of random facts?  Because he does

Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy...

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