Sunday, June 23, 2013

{Sunday photograph- 103}

Let's talk about this photo shall we?

Jonas:Can you tell he just woke up from his nap?  Tousled hair, nap eyes and his classic "don't talk to me yet" face.  He finally got his regularly scheduled daily 2-4 nap today.  After missing it for the last couple of days this little man needed it.

He chose his clothes today.  The shark shirt and green shorts are his favorite.  It will be a sad day when they get too small.

He rarely has put down his balloon crocodile he got yesterday the Hawaiian festival.  It even took a nap with him.

Bret:That Wii remote control in his hands...that's one of the ways he destresses.  Me, I prefer a nice long workout session or a long bath...but whatever floats his boat.  The kids enjoy playing with him and he has the patience to play with them so it's a win, win, I suppose.

He's on call today.  It's a full moon...actually a Super Moon, which means he will probably get some crazy calls.  It's usually the case with a full moon.

Ella She loves that hat.  I love it on her and love that she thinks she looks like me when she wears it.  The band-aid on her toe is from her hula performance yesterday.  Between one of the numbers she split it open.  Despite the blood (on the stage and all over her foot), she smiled and danced through the numbers.

She painted her own nails.  Green and a watermelon.  She makes sure her hair looks okay and puts lip gloss on before we leave the house.

She's growing up.

Mailee:It took me 2 hours to braid both her and Ella's hair.  They needed "big Polynesian hair" for their hula performance yesterday.  It's deflated a bit today.  Mailee loves her hair and told me she wants it like that every day.  She also told me she would like to move to Tahiti and be a Tahitian girl because she is Tahitian (in case I didn't know that).

She likes to play the Wii on Sunday's with Bret and has gotten to the point where she actually is helping when they play and not making it more difficult for Bret.

She left the cutest note for Bret and I on our bed today.  At least once a week there is some sort of note, shell, or other treasure on our bed or under our pillows left by her.

Other things in picture:  

The pink bowl filled with red, white and blue mini star marshmallows and goldfish was passed down the line and each person in the picture ate some.

The pink Camelbak water bottle on the counter.  It can be found on the counter everyday.  I drink 96 ounces of water a day.  It must be with lots of ice, super cold and include sliced lemons.  I love water.  That pink water bottle is my fourth child.

Ruby the dog.  Where ever the kids are you will find Ruby.  She's the most patient, kid friendly dog there is.  Where is Jake our other dog?  He's probably outside eating his own poop...that's how he rolls. 

Not pictured:Me.  I got to take a nap today.  I am looking forward to sitting outside tonight and enjoying the Super Moon to a symphony of frogs and crickets (with the occasional coyote chiming in).  I love the moon and stars.  Perhaps even some s'mores will be enjoyed...

Happy Sunday.

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