Sunday, June 02, 2013

{Sunday photograph - 100}

Sunday Photograph 100??!  Granted if I would've posted every, single Sunday this would've been more than my 100th post, even still, I think hitting 100 is an accomplishment!

It has been something enjoyable for all of us to be able to look back at these Sunday photos and see not only the changes in the kids over time, but also recall fond memories that come from looking at these pictures.

They are a record for my children, for Bret and me, and for our posterity.  I have always said once I reached 100 I would make the photos into a book.  I am hoping to make this happen this month.

On to the pictures...
I came downstairs after getting ready for Church to the sounds of my kids playing in the play room.  Curious to see what held all three's attention I found them playing with a miniature golf obstacle they created themselves.

These kids make me smile...a lot.

Can you see by the pictures how excited they were to stop playing and pose for a few pictures?  I seriously took no more than a minute of their time away from their golfing, but even that was too much time spent on something other than their newest imaginative play.

Today, walking into the house after church, Ella took a huge sniff said,  "Ahhh, smells like Sunday".  I like that my kids associate the smell of delicious food cooking (today was pot roast - always a yummy smelling dish) with home, Sunday and family. 

I took an hour nap today.  It's another Sunday tradition that I love.  This coming week is going to be be busy, busy, busy!  I have a feeling that this will be the only nap that I least until Thursday.

Time to end this and make the mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  Sunday dinners are my favorite.


Jo said...

Hahaha their faces. As if you are punishing them by taking a picture!

Sol said...

I love that they have made their own crazy golf course! That took some team work to get that all in line.