Thursday, June 06, 2013


This morning, after a thorough cleaning of the kids rooms and laundry folding, we gathered round the table and made our 2013 Summer List.  It's a tradition we've been doing since Mailee was a baby and something that all of us look forward to.

The kids made a list of their own and always love when their ideas make it on the list.

Some of their suggestions do get shot down...suggestions like "Dolphins in Hawaii, then find a sunken treasure chest", "Spaceship ride to see all 8 planets or if you include Pluto we can see all 9".  Jonas' list only consisted of "Nemo Buzz" and "Dinosaurs".

Along with these plans we've got two trips to Utah this Summer, Bret is going fishing in Alaska for a week, swimming lessons, day camps and friends/family visits.

I never think we will manage to check each box on this list but there has only been a few times when one or two boxes remain unchecked. We will do our best to complete everything on that list...and then some!


Rochelle said...

We're making our list tomorrow after a thorough cleaning of the bedrooms! Great minds think alike. :)

William said...

Glad to see so many activities which will be when you will be with us! YEA!!!

Tani stevenson said...

Seriously, this is the best idea. I love how you organize! I am so not organized, so I'll just steal all your ideas ok?