Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Little Brown Gals}

The girls were excited to perform in the Hawaiian Festival that took place this past Saturday.  I love how much they enjoy dancing and learning about some of their culture.
 The girls really liked coming out to the audience and getting Bret to dance a little Tahitian with them.  He was chosen to dance with the their instructor and I've gotta say...he did pretty good with the Tahitian male dancing.  He's had 12 years of exposure so I wouldn't expect any less.

After their performance the day was spent watching other groups perform, a little shopping at the booths and A LOT of time spent at the different vendors selling amazing Polynesian food, eating until our bellies were full to capacity.
 It was a fun, very hot, day!  So proud of my "Little Brown Gals".


Sol said...

the girls look so cute in their costumes. Crimped hair is excellent I agree with Mailee.

and that smile made me smile. Jonas has lovely teeth!

Cristy said...

This is so awesome! Those girls of yours are so beautiful. I had looked into Polynesian dance a few years ago in our area and could only find it on the east side of town and it was very pricy. You inspired me last week to look again and I found some stuff closer but they only do it on Sundays! I just can't seem to win. I have a Hawaiian friend who I've been talking to and she feels the same so we might start doing it ourselves with the girls (she would obviously have to teach and I will encourage?) We'll see. Frustrating!