Thursday, June 20, 2013


01.  Remember when I was counting down the days for school to be out so I didn't have to get up and pack lunches for the kids?  I think I forgot that I would still have to do lunches everyday any way.

Lately, most days, lunch is a free-for-all, but my kids requested a "fun lunch" the other day.  I think they are sick of fending for themselves.

Probably should've added more colors (veggies, etc.).  My mom always said a colorful plate is a healthy plate...oh least it wasn't like dinner a few nights ago.  I like to call it the "400 special".  Where we open the freezer and anything can be cooked at 400 gets thrown on a cookie sheet and placed in the oven. 

You can now nominate me for mother of the year.

02.  Today I feel like watching some Elvis.  Loving Elvis is in my blood.  It runs deep and through many generations.

I used to think the outfits in the movie "Blue Hawaii" were so weird looking. Now I swoon over the dresses and even the swimsuits.   Ladies knew how to keep it classy back then... (what happened?!?).

03.  This morning my kids are full of fun facts.  I am loving having them read a few pages from their Dictionary and Encyclopedia after morning chores.

Ella: "Did you know that Jupiter's days only last 10 hours and its years last 11 of our Earth years?!"

Mailee: "Did you know that the longest word in our language has 1,909 letters in it?!  It starts with an my name!".

Jonas: "I love Gogurt!"

My kids also enjoy making potty noises and jokes any chance they can it evens out.

04.  Last night we had nachos.  I used the chips with a hint of lime on them and it took the nachos to another level.  I highly recommend them for nachos.

05.  Why does the smoke detector battery always, without fail, start to die/beep at 3 o'clock in the morning?!  That annoying BEEP can't happen during a decent hour...ever?!!  10 foot ceilings and a short ladder made it quite the challenge to stop the beeping.  I was tempted to shoot it.

06.  You can gauge how far into Summer we are and how much time we've spent outside by the color of Jonas' hair.  By the end of August he's completely blond.  He's already getting comments about how light his hair is.

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