Thursday, June 13, 2013


01. Summer got off to a rough start.  Am I the only one who had to continually take deep breaths the first couple of days of Summer break?  Summer break is more of an adjustment for the parents than it is for the kids.

02.  Speaking of Summer break...we've already marked off three (soon to be five when the weekend hits) things on our list.  This coming week I'm hoping to not do anything but stay home, eat popsicles and play in the sprinklers out back.

03.  The girls have been holding daily Nature Club meetings (membership 3 with the occasional 2 parents).  The picture above shows their club flag, their plant and the girls talking about their next nature project.  I suggested weeding...they were thinking more along the lines of a tea party in nature. 

04.  Father's Day is this weekend.  Today we will make our homemade cards and wrap gifts in thrifted ties, as is tradition.

I am feeling a bit guilty that the weekend will consist of all of us heading down to our condo in Palm Springs to spend a few days swimming and cranking the AC up.  Shouldn't this weekend be about Bret?  I'm only feeling slightly guilty though..he did ask for a relaxing coming along was just inevitable right?

05.  I love my Anthropologie candles.  They are pricey for a candle, but man do they smell divine!  I'd happily pay for them (and do sometimes) at the full $28 price.  It's a small price to pay for how they make my mood lift and my house smell.  They burn slow so you can have one for months before getting another one.  Best smelling candles I have found.

06.  Lately, while out and about, I have made a bigger effort to notice acts of kindness and perform some myself.  I can get worked up about all the bad/evil/wrong that is going on in the world and forget that there is also so much good and beauty.

I've made a conscious effort to point out these things to my kids.  They are starting to watch for them too.  I I want them look for the good in others, and the world and in themselves.  I've also really started to try and talk about positive things about myself in front of them.  I don't want them to look at themselves and see only flaws.

It's been a good thing.

07.  Jonas wakes up every morning and asks if we are going to go the beach....except that he doesn't say beach...he says b&%@!.

08.  You know it's warmer in Southern California when there are flies in your house.  I swear I kill about 15 a day.  Found an electric swatter that looks like a tennis racket, comes in pink and black.  I think it's time to introduce the kids to the "Fly Hunter" game.  For every fly killed you get a dime.  Maybe I'll make it a nickel for the 2 littlest kids since they think it's worth more because it's bigger than a dime.

Whatever makes them happy...and gets the flies killed.

09.  I despise using the oven during the Summer months. If you can't grill it, or if it requires more than 10 minutes on the stove top, I try not to put it on the 2 week menu.  Can I get an AMEN?!?

10.  Last night I was playing Slender Rising on my phone in the dark, while waiting for Bret to come to bed.  I freaked myself out and when the featureless face came up on the screen I screamed and threw my phone.

I need to go onto the Spigen website and write a raving review on how their phone cases protect, but then I would have to explain how I know that, and well, that's embarrassing...

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Sol said...

have a fab weekend in Palm Springs how lovely to have somewhere like that to go! Fabulous.