Sunday, May 05, 2013

{Sunday Photograph - 97}

*This is my 1600th post!  Who would've thought that I would have continued to blog this long.  Posts are few and far between compared to the daily posts of the past, but I don't think I will be stopping completely any time soon.  Who knows...for now if I have something to say and have the desire to blog I do and if I don't I won't.  It's as simple as that.*
Not a very good photo today.  After making dinner and some cookies a migraine started festering and soon after I had no desire but to lay down and not move. Poor quality photo or not, these kids are my fav!  Oh how I love them so!
After church I slipped on my Spanish embroidered top...feeling a bit festive with it being Cinco de Mayo and all.  I don't care if it's not a real holiday!  Any day that allows me to celebrate by eating vast amount of Mexican food is one that I will embrace wholeheartedly. 
We made Mexican wedding cookies - a favorite of ours.  They are messy and addictive and oh so delicious!  I did a batch with melted hazelnut chocolate over it...WOW!
We had shredded chicken tacos and Mexican rice for dinner.  If you haven't done this already I highly recommend putting the meat/rice/beans/cheese inside the shells already and bake them.  Then have the fresh toppings to add on afterwards.  It's less mess and hassle but also makes it so the taco shell doesn't split apart during that first bite.  Life changer, I'm telling you!

In between the baking and the cooking we spent time with the kids, watched a movie, napped, read and Bret went in on a few emergencies.   It was a typical and enjoyable Sunday.


Meg said...

have you tried the La Tiara white corn taco shells? They come in a green and white box and they sell them at walmart. They are paper thin and taste like the best restaurant chips you've ever eaten. So. So. Good.

I'm making your mini ham and cheese sliders for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipe! I've seen dozens of versions of the mini ham n cheese and yours is the best.

brittany said...

I'm am making tacos tonight and trying out your suggestion. Thanks for the tip!!