Thursday, May 02, 2013


This is a post in which I gush about my children..  Deal with hasn't happened for a while.
  FYI:  My first born is pretty amazing.  She has the kindest heart and a gentle soul.  She's quiet unless she has something to say.  She always wishes the best for people in her life and even strangers she sees or hears about.  She just knows when I need a kind word and doesn't hesitate to give me one...or five.

She'll be your best friend.  She'll be your comforter and cheerleader.  She will be loyal to a fault, giving of herself when there's nothing left to give.  She strives for perfection and struggles when that doesn't happen (we are working on being ok with doing your best even if it means it wasn't "perfect").

She recently brought home her progress report from school.  Every.single.score. on the report was 100%.  Math, English,  Language arts, etc.  Nothing missed.    No fanfare on her part was shown when she placed the report on the counter after school.  She just made her way upstairs to start on her homework and that was that.  That is how she is.

You can be sure that, despite her not caring if she received acknowledgement of her accomplishments from anyone, they were celebrated with a hugs and high fives by her family members.  Though embarrassed, she allowed us, at least for a minute or two, to put her in the limelight.
FYI:  My second born is quite the character.  Full of spunk and sass.  When she laughs...boy does she laugh.  Full body,  from head toe, usually accompanied with a very loud and hearty laugh is how she rolls.  Her laugh is contagious.  Where ever you are in the house, when you hear it you can't help but smile.  A genuine love of life is what she has.

She lives to please those she cares about.  In her spare time, when she's not making "potion for the monsters" (potion formula consists of flower petals, dry grass, some sand and a few dead insects for good measure), she can be found at the table making pictures and notes for someone.

She goes full force with every emotion and action.  You won't ever have to guess what mood Mailee is in, EVER!  And oh the things she says!  She cracks us up constantly with how she views the world.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  She tells it how it is...and we love that about her.

She loves being in charge and the leader.  She excels at school and is always the go-to student to help explain a math problem, help another peer read better or explain things to the class.  She's at the top of her class and just like her sister, keeps that information to herself...unless she has an opportunity to point it out to her older sister (ah, the middle child).
 FYI:  This guy...look at him?!  He knows how to work the eyes and pout.  He is my shadow and is a total mama's boy.  Where ever I go he must go too or be prepared for tears.

He loves attention and loves to be the clown.  His energy and vigor for life is always at the highest level.  Music and books are his thing.  It's not a rare thing to have a morning where I read through the 15 library books we have twice in a row with him.  Then he will "read" them back to me, quoting some pages almost exactly as written.  He has an amazing memory.

He knows how to push his sisters buttons and does it on a daily basis.  He really enjoys picking on Mailee, but is quickly learning that there are consequences for that and has started to slow down in the button pushing department.

He still take a 2 hour nap every day from 2-4 and sleeps like a champ from 8 p.m. - 6:30 a.m.  The boy loves his sleep.

Not much is better than one of his classic "juicy kisses" or his thumbs up and proclamation of "You da best!".
 These three little people are mine and I love them.  They keep me on my toes and make me push myself to be a better person.  They make my shortcomings painfully obvious, which is a needed thing for me to be able to know what I need to do better.

How lucky am I to have three amazing little ones who bring out the best in me and help me work on the worst of me? 

FYI:  Gushing complete.


Jessica said...

I think Gushing is totally okay! I love Jonas for napping 2 hours everyday. He is my hero.

Melia said...

I love that you gushed about them. They deserve it! Maybe they get their awesomeness from their Aunt Melia? Love to you all!

Courtney said...

Those kids are awesome and extremely fun! I had a blast hanging out with them and can't wait to do it again! Oh...tell Mai that I am keeping her note! It brings a smile to my face evey time I read it!