Wednesday, May 29, 2013


01.  This boy has taken the definition of "Mama's boy" to the next level since I got back from my Iowa trip.  It's endearing and annoying at the same time.

I love the hugs and cuddles but I could do without the knocking on the bathroom door, hands under the bathroom door, or opening my eyes after washing my face in the shower to find him staring at me through the glass.  I have got to remember to lock our bedroom door!

I know sooner than I will like, getting kisses from his sweet lips or having me be his world will end.  So I am enjoying it...for the most part.  Though, sometimes, Mama needs her space!

02.  The Bachelorette started on Monday.  There was all sorts of weirdness (aka goodness) and plenty of groans and remarks made by me and Bret (who pretends to only watch because I am watching, but deep down I know he's a closet Bachelor/Bachelorette fan - if only for the mock sessions we enjoy while watching).

A knight in shining armor?  Creeper Fantasy Suite guy (who was totally on something), and Juan Pablo.  It seems they like the men from Utah...hello Brooks!

Who looked up Reality Steve after the premiere to see who wins?  Me too!

03.  I'm rearranging and decorating rooms on the main floor of my house.  It's nice to have friends with amazing taste who can come over and be an extra set of eyes and opinions...heaven knows Bret can't help me in that department.   All this changing and rearranging has given me a serious shopping for home decor itch.

Scratch! Scratch!

04.  I've planned a little "stay-cation" of sorts for Father's Day.  A couple days in Palm Springs, swimming all day and relaxing is what Bret requested.  Happy Father's day to him...and the kids.

05.  I've been watching the live Cicada Cam.  Have you read/seen/heard about the massive amounts of Cicadas coming out of the ground back East?  The Brood II Cicadas come out of the ground every 17 years.  The guy this morning said that there are about 1 million per square mile.  EW!

On a weird, but applicable side note:  I once ate a chocolate covered Cicada.  It tasted like a Kit Kat.  Break me off a piece of that Cicada bar...


Anne-Marie said...

You'll eat a cicada, but won't try tomatoes or fish? WTH? LOL :)

moo said...

Erica, if you tell me who wins, I will TOTALLY kill you. I'm in a bracket and do NOT want to get disqualified.

Sol said...

I ate a cricket in chocolate. it was crunchy.

How cool is that about the cicada. but the noise will be intense. wouldn't want to sleep through that.

Meg said...

We get attacked by cicadas every year and they are super nasty. I can't imagine what an "invasion" would include. There are already so many that if you get out of your car at sunset and you're talking on your phone, you have to run into the house to hear the person on the other line, because it is too loud outside. gross.