Thursday, May 09, 2013


01. The other day we did a little FaceTime with my mom (took a screen shot while FaceTiming but it's on Ella's touch and I'm too lazy to send it to myself).  Ella wanted to play her piano recital piece for my parents before her recital last Saturday so she set up her ipod Touch and gave them a private performance.  

My mom recently had neck surgery (replaced her C5 and C6) and is in a brace - no, that is not the newest fashion statement necklace she is wearing.  Due to her surgery she has been on pain medication.  Having conversations with her when she is on drugs is pure entertainment. 

During our conversation she kept saying "Oh my hell!", over and over again while we talked about funny things and every day life things.  I finally laughed and pointed out to her what she was saying (she never says that - me on the other hand...).  She brought the screen close to her face, all wide-eyed and drugged and said, "Hey!  I am entitled to swearing whenever I want!!!".

Yes...yes you are.  Let's do another drug filled conversation again soon mom. 

02.  Yesterday Jonas turned 3 (post to come tomorrow).  I sort of feel like this was his last birthday as a baby boy.  I think we managed to make his day a special one, even when he threw an awesome tantrum at the science center.  I was this close to cancelling all things birthday for him.

03.  We finally ate at Five Guys.  Bret and I both agree that their burgers and fries are so much better than In-N-Out.   They serve peanuts there to nosh on while waiting for your food.  Jonas wouldn't listen to us and popped a couple, shell and all, in his mouth.  After a few chomps he wanted to spit it out, but Bret refused to let him right away.  A lesson in listening to your parents happened...and then a wad of chewed shell and peanuts was spit out.

04.  Bret and Jonas will be camping overnight this weekend on the beach.  I think the girls and I will go get manicures, watch a few chick flicks and do a little shopping.  It's supposed to be in the 90's this weekend so we may just do a little sunbathing as well.

05.  Mother's day is Sunday.  I love my mom.  I love being a mom.  I like getting presents from Bret and the kids, but most of all I love the homemade cards and gifts. 

I've already received multiple cards, treats, picked wild flowers, a few snails, a potato bug, a song, a poem, a cheer all about me performed at the girls "Nature Club meeting" and a few of the kids most favorite shells left on my pillow.

I feel loved.


Sol said...

I hope your Mom gets well soon!

when I had kidney stones they gave me pain killers and morphine. My sister said I was a hoot! Telling everyone to have McDonalds to walk through the drive thru. (you could see it through the window). I don't even like mcdonalds! LOL

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, Isaac, Spencer said...

love that you made him keep the peanut shell in his mouth during his "listen to your parents" talk