Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Birthday Boy!}

May 8th we celebrated Jonas' third birthday.  Three years??!  I can't believe my baby boy is three. 

I feel like this is my last birthday that he can still be called my "baby boy".  I know, I know, that's stretching it because if you've seen him he's all boy and no baby...unless of course he's hurt or sick, then that pouty lip comes out and baby mode is kicked into high gear.

Jonas has 3 requests.  Dinosaurs, candy and a bike.  All 3 birthday wishes were fulfilled during his special day spent with the whole family.
We headed down to LA for the day.  The first stop was the LA Science Center to check out the rocket and the large aquarium.  It was enjoyable but next time I need to remember that it's nearing the end of the school year and kids are doing field trips everywhere.  I am pretty sure all the schools in LA were there that day.

Fun was had and a good talk was given about minding your manners and behaving when on a field trip to our girls.  Holy cow, those field trip kids were so rude!

When asked what he wanted for lunch Jonas said "FRIES!".  Easy enough.  We opted for Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  So good.  So, so good.
 After lunch we headed on over to The Grove to fulfill the birthday boys request for candy.  If you've been to the one in NYC this is tiny compared to that one, but it still made all three of the kids excited, eyes wide open, taking in all the candy.
Jonas claimed he found his new best friend.  He called my name and told me to look.  This is what I saw when I did (see picture above).  Melt my heart and soul with cuteness why don't you Jonas?!
 Jonas got to pick out a paint can and fill it with any candy he wanted.  We could barely get the lid on of the can!  The sour strawberry belts and cherries didn't last the ride home.  He loves sour/tart candy...just like his mama.
When getting out of the car to walk around and check out the shops, Jonas informed me that he was a big boy and didn't want to ride in the stroller.  He walked, holding my hand, while I inwardly mourned for the loss of my little baby who needed a stroller.  At least he wants to hold my hand still...
We headed home for presents, cake and ice cream.  Jonas wanted a blue dinosaur cake.  When he saw the cake he had the biggest smile on his face and ran over proclaiming how "awesome cool" the cake was. 
I got creative with his dinosaur request and found some in the dollar section.   He loves T-Rex so I spray painted that one gold, cut a hole and stuck the number sparkler in.  Voila...easy peasey.  Who would've thought something so simple would make him so happy?
We sang him "Happy Birthday" a few times as he watched the sparkler burn.  I always love watching the kids try and blow the sparkler out!
Up next, presents.  A helmet for his new bike.  I knew once he put that helmet on he wouldn't want to take it off.

The girls got him a bubble gun he asked for from Disneyland.  Yes, I am well aware that there are bubble guns at the local Wal Mart/Target, but he didn't want those.  The girls knew he would only want the one from Disneyland.  Yay for bubbles!!!
He was very excited to see his new bike.  Bret has been wanting to get a Strider bike for Jonas since before he was born.  I finally caved after reading up on the benefits of eliminating training wheels and going straight to a balance bike.

You guys should check out some of the youtube videos of little ones riding these things!  Bret secretly hopes Jonas will want to compete in the BMX race that is held here in Southern California for little kids.  We'll see...
 I would have to say Jonas' favorite present was his bed.  He has spent more time in his room in the last week than he has in the last year.  I'm pretty sure if I was 3 I would be up in my room too if I had a bed like his.
Jonas isn't the only one that loves his bed.  The girls were found reading upstairs in it yesterday, and even Bret was found chatting it up with Jonas "under the stars".
I think we managed to make Jonas feel special on his day.

He is such a great addition to our family.  He definitely is a mama's boy and enjoys being my shadow throughout the day.  He's a clown and loves to make people laugh.  He loves music and popcorn.  He is my little man and I love him so.

He's three...and ready to take on the world!


Sol said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Cristy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDDAY JONAS!! I can't believe you are three and at the same time I can't believe you are ONLY three! :) Wish we lived closer so I could play with you and tickle you and you and your boy cousins could get in some good wrestling. XO