Friday, April 26, 2013

{Disney documentation}

Yesterday we to Disneyland.  This monthly ritual is something the kids always look forward to and try their best to earn.  They've only not earned a visit to the "Happiest Place on Earth" twice.  The first time they were so shocked and sad.  They didn't truly believe that we would stick to our word and not let them go if they didn't earn it...they don't think that anymore.

I don't take my big, heavy camera to Disneyland anymore.  I usually take pictures with my phone and post some to Instagram, but realized that I haven't posted any pictures of us at Disneyland lately, so here's a few pictures documenting the last two visits.

Visit 4.25.13
 {Space Mountain - first ride of the day}
{EMG = me!}
{I was afraid Jonas was going to punch  the Storm Trooper}
{Watched the movie on the way to the park, so naturally had to pull the sword}
{We made each other laugh all day long}
{California Adventure Park}
{His current favorite ride iin California Adventure}
 {Pixar parade.  They love this parade}
{Dancing during the parade is always a must}
{Tired at the end of the day this guy threw a pretty awesome tantrum.  When this happens I usually mock and do the same thing they are doing so they can see how silly they look.  This also makes them stop throwing a tantrum and start laughing at me.}
{Tram ride picture - it's fast becoming a tradition to do.  Sidenote; Jonas rammed his head back into my face as this was being taken.  Sucking on ice helps reduce a fat lip...}

Visit 3.20.13
{Gadget coaster - the only roller coaster Jonas is all enough to ride.}
{Payphones are so novel to them.  They were so happy to finally know what "I'm at a payphone, trying to call home..." meant from the Maroon 5 song.  Seeing how enthralled they were with them made me feel really old!}
{My least favorite ride - Winnie the Pooh.  The girls just make pooh jokes the whole ride, but Jonas enjoys it.}
{Cars Land.  Dinner here and then time spent on the rides.  The Mater ride is another family favorite.}
{Mickey suckers for these suckers.}
{Tram ride back to the car}

I always said I would never live in California...and now we do.  I always said I would never buy my kids a year pass to Disneyland...and we did.  I am glad we did both of the things I said I would never do.

Never say never!

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Sol said...

wow it must be amazing to live so close to somewhere like that. I would love it