Sunday, April 21, 2013

{Sunday Photograph - 95}

 The kids beg me to play a certain song ("The Spinning Song"), on the piano over and over, as fast as I can, until my wrists are aching and my fingers cramp up.  They run around, laugh, jump and laugh even harder when Bret joins in on the fun.

I gave my hands/fingers/wrists a break and snapped some pictures of everyone still wound up from the song.

It's little moments like this that I love.
 P.S.  Looking through my pictures this afternoon I found this picture.  I thought it was Ella who took the picture, she finds taking pictures of me sleeping quite funny...however, upon asking everyone, Bret said he was the one that took it during my afternoon snooze today.  He said it's always amusing to see how I wrap myself up in my "sleeping cocoon.".

I like to sleep on my back, completely covered except for my feet, they must be uncovered, as well as my nose.

Glad he finds my "sleeping cocoon" amusing....

1 comment:

Sol said...

but you look so warm and cosy. I was half expecting a puppy to be under the covers with you.