Monday, April 29, 2013

{Product shout out - Girlie Glue!}

I like to let people know about products that I like personally and use. 

This post is about a product that is currently used and loved in our house.  It's the genius invention of a friend whom I've known since Kindergarten, and also happens to be my best friends sister-in-law.

 Girlie Glue is an amazing product.  It's made with Agave nectar and other natural ingredients and is 100% honey free.  From their wesbite, "Girlie Glue is a hair accessory glue--no hair necessary! Fancy possibilities are endless with a dab of girlie glue."

I wanted to try this product out for myself to see if it really did work.  When my girls were little I was always on the lookout for something that would keep their hair accessories in place without squeezing their heads or falling off over and over throughout the day.  I tried everything...but nothing really worked.

Oh how I wish I had a tube of Girlie Glue to use back then!  I tried out the glue on our pretty little model Ellie and was happy with the results.
The bow stayed in place with just a small dab.  It held fast almost immediately and it stayed put...not even moving even the slightest bit.
During an outfit change the bow remained in place and when we replaced the bow with another cut accessory no extra glue was needed.  We just pressed firmly on the spot where the previous bow had been and it stuck just as well as the first!
 Another few outfit changes and replacing bows only required the first initial dot of glue.  Baby Ellie even rolled around during pictures and the hair accessories didn't budge!

Once removed from her hair a wipe or clothe with warm water removed the all natural glue from her hair without leaving any residue.

I was very impressed with how well the product worked and how easily it was to remove.
 Lest you think that Girlie Glue is only for little babies, let me tell you how often this glue is used at our house with my older girls (ages, 6 and 8). 

My girls are not allowed to have their ears pierced until they are 8.  We figure by that time they are old enough to care for their earrings and clean their ears by themselves. 

My 6 year old, Mailee, really wants to be like Ella and be able to wear earrings.  I have purchased the sticker earrings only to find they have fallen off halfway through the day.  We have tried clip on earrings as well, but they pinch so hard that Mailee can only wear them an hour or so at the time.  

With Girlie Glue Mailee has been able to wear cute little flowers, gems and even mini pom-poms on her ears that have stayed put all day - though she loves to change her earrings at least twice a day...usually 3 times.
Both girls really love using the glue to add hair accessories to their many baby dolls and barbies.  They play "Beauty Shop" or "Make over" all the time.  I love that the glue just washes off with a wet cloth on both the doll and the accessory.

 Girlie Glue isn't just for girls!!
 Jonas enjoys wearing a mustache every now and then.  I had a pack of them with sticker backing.  Unfortunately they would fall off shortly after sticking them to his face.  
 I decided to try a strip of Girlie Glue on the back of the mustache and found that it held the whole time Jonas wanted to wear it!  When he was ready to remove the 'stache it didn't hurt and wiped off with a wet cloth or baby wipe.   It made for both a happy boy and a happy mom!
 Girlie Glue is an awesome product!  If you want to purchase your own tube {CLICK HERE} to be taken to their website.  

You can also find out websites they are featured on and follow them as they make an even bigger name for themselves by liking their Facebook page {HERE}.


Sol said...

gosh your kids are sooooo cute.

PSchmalz said...

"Jonas enjoys wearing a mustache every now and then." For some reason that sentence just made me laugh