Wednesday, April 03, 2013

{Joshua Tree}

We were lucky enough to have my brother Sean and his wife come down and spend Easter weekend with us.  We managed to pack each day with fun filled places and activities...most of which took place enjoying the beautiful Southern California outdoors and weather.
Friday we headed to the desert to hike around Joshua Tree National Park.  If you ever make a visit be sure and stop by the visitors center where you can get maps of the park and educational books.  If you have kids ask for a Ranger journal and pencil.  The journal has the kids look for plants, animals and rock formations all around the park.
Joshua Trees are beautiful and unique.  We soaked in the beautiful surroundings while driving through vast forests of the trees, a lot of them in bloom, with the granite rock formations everywhere.
 Our first hike was to see Skull Rock.  The boys tried to free climb up the huge rocks, while the kids and women explored nooks and crannies between the rocks.
We hiked the trail from Skull Rock to Jumbo Rocks (another formation).  We walked through sand beds, under fallen rocks, through a cave and up the faces of large rock formations, stopping for snacks and water along the way.
 It was starting to get hot.  Jonas is always thirsty, and this excursion was no exception.  At one point he couldn't wait for me to take a drink and ripped the Camelbak spout from my mouth.

 We saw jack rabbits, a lot of different birds, and lizards of different sizes and colors.  We kept looking for another Desert Tortoise - maybe Chuck Norris the tortoise needs a friend? 
 At one point the kids even discovered this little muskrat popping in and out of five or six holes it had made under a bush.  He wasn't shy and kept hanging onto the branches, gnawing at them.
 Everyone enjoyed the park and we already have plans to go back and explore the many other trails the park has.

I love where we live.  We can go to the beach, drive to the desert or play in the snow.  For a family who enjoys day trips and outdoor activities I would say we picked a great place to live!

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