Monday, April 08, 2013

{First beach visit of 2013}

Last weekend when we had family in town we decided to head to the beach. 

My little family has acclimated to the warm Southern California weather so when the forecast called for beach temps to be in the low 70's I knew it was going to be "cold".  However, my brother and sister-in-law came from the cold and melting snow state of Utah to visit and stated low 70's was still a "heat wave" for them, and off we went to the beach.

We met my other brother at Corona-del-Mar for an afternoon of sand and sea.
As you can see by evidence of my kids lack of golden tan skin, this was the first beach trip of the year.  Bret may have washed out the kids skin color, but my genes are still in there somewhere because they never burn and by the end of Summer they have quite the impressive tan.
 Wrestling and games of strength, smacking, pushing, and playing chicken with the football hitting "below the belt" were play by the menfolk.  The women enjoy the sun, the sounds of the waves and shell hunting.
 This little guy just loves to throw sand (wood chips, dirt, grass, etc.), even when we tell him multiple times to stop doing it.  That day there happened to be a light breeze...resulting in sand getting into his eyes.  I'm guessing that will make him think twice before he attempts to throw sand again (probably not).
After an afternoon at the beach and in Orange County, I knew where we'd be heading for dinner...Red Table.  It's our favorite place to fill our tummies after playing in the sand and sea.

If you're ever remotely in the area, be sure and plan to take a meal (or three) there.  The food is amazing!
 Our appetizers that day:  Bacon wrapped dates with mascarpone, fried eggplant chips and tuna poke, and roasted beets.
 I would say our first beach trip proved to be quite the success.  Looking forward to our next beach trip and hoping it will happen sooner, rather than later.


{natalie} said...

ooh, i love a day at the beach. it looks like so much fun. it's rainy and dreary here right now, so it looks especially wonderful today!

Glenna Lagazo said...

Oh man so jealous! I miss California ... stupid Utah lol You guys are so cute!

Sol said...

gosh I could do with some warm weather right now