Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Sunday Photographs - 89}

 This photo sequence cracks me up.  This is how all the pictures I take lately of my kids turn out.  I do enjoy a picture where all of their faces can be seen and they are all smiling but honestly, I prefer the ones where it shows just who they were in this particular blip of time.

The whole "spring forward" part of Daylight Savings today didn't have much of an effect on our little family.  In fact, I found myself proclaiming how much I loved the time change because it was light outside still at 6:30!  Bye-bye 5 o'clock darkness (and good riddance), and HELLO longer evenings spent outside!

We spent a lot of time outside today.  At one point there was 3 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs, 2 turtles, and 1 tortoise out in our backyard all soaking up some natural vitamin D in the back yard.  Come on over to the Grover Zoo and join in the mad crazy fun.

*sidenote:Yes, you read that correctly...2 dogs!  That information deserves a post of its own.*

Dinner tonight sort of kicked off a welcome to warmer weather (that will hopefully stay from here on out).  Kalua pork, rice, chopped ceasar salad, crusty bread, and lime sorbet floats. A bonus for making Kalua pork is that the left overs last for a few days.  Pork nachos, quesadillas, bbq pork get the picture.

After dinner the kids decided they wanted to go on a walk, and since I can apparently not say NO to requests from my family members lately, a walk we did go on.  Pine cones were found, roads were renamed (we live on "Rollie-Pollie Way" due to the vast amounts of potato bugs that can be found on the sidewalks lining our cul-de-sac), and dog poop was avoided (clean up after you animals people!).

Once back home we watched the newest episode of Cupcake Wars and then, just like that, it was bedtime.

Now, as I type this, Bret is at the hospital on his 5th emergency for the day, the kids are in bed, the turtles and tortoise are sleeping, the dogs are playing and I am watching last night's SNL - Justin Timberlake never disappoints on that show.

It was a good and nothing out of the ordinary day...just the way I like it.

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