Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Sunday Photograph - 91}

After church the kids are supposed to go upstairs, get out of their church clothes, hang them up and hustle down for lunch.  Usually I can't get lunch ready fast enough for them.  Something about Sunday's that makes all of us hungry.

Today, instead of changing quickly, laughing could be heard upstairs.  I grabbed my camera and headed up to see what was going on.

I found all 3 midgets jumping on Mailee's bed, trying very hard to stifle their laughs, knowing jumping on the antique beds wasn't supposed to happen.

I let it slide just this once...they just looked too cute all together, having fun and not bugging each other (something that happens quite often these days).

After changing, we all came down to eat "lunch".  Sundays we keep it simple for lunch.  Popcorn, apples and cheese, that's the go-to lunch of choice.

Lunch is usually enjoyed on the floor, watching a Disney movie together.  Today we watched "Wreck It Ralph".  Pretty cute show in my opinion.
 I also got to take a nap today!!!  It was a highlight of my day.

We spent the evening at a friends house for dinner and conversation.  It was a great way to end the day.

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Sol said...

Love the darker coloured wood of the bed. I am so over the blonde wood that it everywhere. it seems a really nice rich colour. Teamed with the bed spread it looks lovely.

We used to jump on the beds lots. my nan encouraged it! they look like they were having a hoot!