Thursday, March 21, 2013

{Plus one}

How many of you saw this title and thought I was announcing another little HUMAN Grover would be coming to our family?  To that I say...NO!  The whole baby making ship has sailed and will not be returning to port...ever.

This post is announcing another addition...of the animal/reptile variety to our house.  I know!  I know!  What am I thinking?  Of course I knew there was going to be a higher chance of having some sort of animal/reptile, or multiples of them, when I married a Veterinarian, but I really thought I would hold my stance of "Don't bring your work home" better than I have.

Bret and the kids = 1,  Erica = 0
 Meet Jake, our newest addition to the family.  He is named after one of Bret's favorite bands "Less Than Jake".

Since Ruby was named after a favorite song from Pennywise (can you tell my husband's favorite genre of music yet?), Bret wanted to stick with the theme and so Jake it is (let the record show I wanted Sheldon, after my favorite character on one of my favorite shows, but Jake fits this pup better).
Jake will be about 7-8 pounds full grown.  He's a Yorkie mix and was a stray brought into Bret's work.  He is very energetic and will provide a friend for Ruby to play with. 
 At the moment the two have a love/hate relationship - the hate part being mostly from Ruby towards Jake.  I would probably dislike Jake too if he constantly wanted to play or attempted to hump me every chance he gets.

Jake found out the price he had to pay to be a part of this family:  I am sure Ruby is much happier now that he's "mellowed" out.  I know I one likes to see the little "red missile of love"...EW!

A text from the day he payment came due:

The addition of Jake brings our animal/reptile count to 5 (2 dogs, 2 turtles, and one California Desert Tortoise).  I think that's more than plenty...don't you?  If you say no...feel free to take the next bazillion strays that come into Bret's work for me...
{Chuck Norris}
{Kashi & Sushi - they are tiny!}


Miriam Hermansen said...

as the recipient of one of those strays, i have to say that bret is an awesome pet finder. he should charge a finder's fee.

jake looks pretty cute. poor ruby!

Meg said...

boy dogs! My sister got a cute little puppy and he can't seem to "keep his lipstick in the tube". She needs to get him to a vet, pronto. dang dog humps everything.