Tuesday, March 12, 2013

{Leprechaun Trap}

This school year is the first year where school projects for the girls are becoming more abundant and a little more time consuming.  Gone are the Kindergarten days of homework that consisted of reading a paper book with 4 pages and homework was things like writing your name, tracing numbers and doing basic addition/subtraction.

The school projects/reports are fun for the kids, and I admit, I do enjoy helping them, but lately it seems like there has been a lot of these coming in for both kids, which makes it a little less fun for me.

This week Mailee has been given the task to build a Leprechaun trap.  She was excited...I was stressed.  We are leaving out of town very soon, which meant that this Leprechaun trap (due Friday) needed to be done by today so Mailee could still present it to the class and be included in some of the fun she would be missing on Friday.

So yesterday , after completing her homework, she drew up her plan and created a list of items we would need to make her trap. I decided to post how we made it here, in case you might need to make one yourself in the future.
We dug through our craft drawers for things we already had on hand and the headed to the Dollar Store to get the rest of the things we needed.
Items used:
-Oatmeal can          -glitter shamrock foam table confetti
-crepe paper           - plastic shamrock shaped plate (for base)
-pipe cleaners          -cake pop sticks
-glue gun                  -gold coins - we couldn't find gold coins so painted pebbles gold instead.
 - cotton balls           -any other decor to make it more festive
-green paper, duct  
tape,or felt to cover

How to:
1- Cut hole in lid of oatmeal can.  Cover can with green paper/felt/tape.  We used sheets of duct tape.
2- Using glue gun, glue can to base (having a base helps stabilize). Decorate can.
3 - cut strips of crepe paper long enough to cover top of can (lid off).  Lay strips across top of can and put lid on can, securing the strips in place.  Cut any excess paper around the outside of lid.
4 -glue two cake pop sticks to the base and top of the can for the sides of the ladder.  Cut ladder steps using cake pop sticks and glue to sticks/sides of ladder.
5 - Rainbow - Our original plan for the rainbow was to wrap the pipe cleaners (in the order they are in a rainbow) up the sides of the ladder.  Mailee decided she wanted to put the rainbow in front (to catch the leprechauns attention better).  So we made a rainbow with the colors we had and glued cotton balls to the ends for clouds, then glued to the base and can.
6 - using sticks make a hook to hang the gold nugget from.  We also glued other nuggets of gold to the lid directly across from the ladder.  (side note:  The word "nugget" is on my list of words I don't like.  I think I have said/typed that word far more than I prefer over the course of this project).

How it works (as per Mailee's explanation):
"So, the Leprechaun totally sees the beautiful rainbow and glittery decorations - because Leprechauns really love sparkly and shiny things.  The Leprechaun's all "Woah, what is this beautiful thing?  And look GOLD!!!".  Then he climbs up the ladder and his eyes are all wide and he's in a zombie trance because all he sees is the gold hanging there.  So he takes a step forward to get the gold and BAM! the paper breaks (because he thought it was just a normal lid but it's not because it's a hole with paper over it - cool right?), and then he falls ALL. THE. WAY. DOWWWWWN.  And then we GOT HIM!!!!  I have some GOLDfishies and mini marshmallows  for him to eat until we come and find him".
 Mailee loved doing this project.  She basically did most of the work, I just manned the glue gun.  Here's to hoping she catches a Leprechaun, though I have a sneaking suspicion he will manage to escape somehow...

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Jessica said...

Now I have to start saving our oatmeal containers. I had no idea they were so perfect for catching leprechauns! The kids will be thrilled :)
(Mailee is awesome btw!)