Tuesday, March 05, 2013

{IM Problems}

I like to keep some of the things my kids write at school.  Ella brought a folder of some of her recent papers she wrote during writing time.  I love reading these papers!  I have a few I want to share, and plan to from time to time here, starting with this one:
  IM Problems

Instant messaging has resulted in several problems.  Parents and teachers see many problems.  One problem is students can't spell correctly because they always use abbreviations and take short cuts.  Another problem is that there's no emotion because when you text something mean you don't know that it hurt that someboy's feelings.  One more problem is that kids aren't getting enough exerise because they are sitting inside doing nothing but texting when they should be outside playing.  The solution to these problems is to stop the texting and find some friends to play with.

I asked Ella if they had talked about this at school.  She said no, and said she got the idea to write about the subject because of a conversation I had with her and Mailee.  

The girls have iPod Touches.  They like to text me and other family members.  We have set rules for the Touch, one of which being that when texting they will always use the correct spelling for all words used and if they want to have a long conversation with a family member or friend they can call or Face Time with them.  We then talked about the negative effects texting is having with learning proper communication (and spelling for that matter).

Apparently she understood the reason for our rules.

Her solution is simple and awesome:  "The solution to these problems is to stop the texting and find some friends to play with."

IM problems solved.


Amy Wysocki said...

That's a great solution!

Delcie said...

Love that! What a smartie pants!

U.C. Strikers said...
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Brooke King Phillips said...

Your children never cease to amaze me! You have done an awesome job raising them! Kudos to you and Brett.