Thursday, March 28, 2013


01. We all enjoy our evening walks.  Lately the conversations we have with the kids have been pretty entertaining.  A conversation between the girls of who their favorite My Little Pony was soon turned into a pretty heated debate about something having to do with a "cutie mark" and character traits (wow...). 

Jonas usually serenades us with a mash-up made of pretend bodily noises (potty noises are just so funny right now), and the Peanut Butter and Jelly song ("I so sweet...YOU is chunky!").

02.  I hosted a Maxi skirt party (a party where you can purchase maxi skirts - not wear a maxi skirt to party) with my friend Anna last night.  It was a good turn out and we all left with cute and comfy skirts.  I am sure I will live in these this Summer.   I got 6 skirts...a girl can never have too many...right?

03.  Spring Break has been in full swing here.  That means lots of chores for the kids AND lots of playing.  We have all slept in until 7 every morning...sometimes we even throw caution to the wind and make it 7:30! 

Today is the only day we don't have anything on the calendar.  We plan on running a few errands and eagerly anticipating the arrival of my brother and his wife who will be spending the weekend with us, making a trip out to Joshua Tree and the beach.  Better rest up today for the festivities ahead!

04.  I admit it...I like The Vampire Diaries (I know you do too).  Currently I want to punch Elena in the face and find myself having sympathy for Klaus.

05.  Yesterday Bret splashed Formalin (a form of Formaldehyde) in his eye (and face and neck).  He flushed it until the burning stopped and I had him call his eye doctor to see if he needed to come in.  The eye doc suggested he come in as soon as possible to make sure no permanent damage happened.  It's a good thing his contact was in his eye.  It protected his eye from having more damage.  A few days of drops and a re-check to make sure his vision isn't worse and we're in the clear. 

I not so nicely insisted that Bret wear the protective eye wear they have at work when working with chemicals again. 

Being able to see is kind of important.

06.  Little boys are more cuddly with their mom's than little girls in my personal experience.  Multiple times a day Jonas grabs my face with his little sticky, chubby hands and looks me in the eye and says "You da best mom!  You so toot!". 

Without fail, when that happens I forgive the box of sand he brought in from outside and spread on our couch, or his toothpaste mural he did on the bathroom wall.


Jessica said...

We know all about cutie marks at our house! Nothing is worse than getting something terrible in your eyes! Have a fab weekend! Your party was awesome :)

Sol said...

wow I hope Brett's eye is getting better. How scary.

How cute is Jonas!

I also love Vampire diaries. And I was squealing when I saw advert for the film The Host. I am going to see it tomorrow.