Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Sunday Photographs - 88}

Sunday afternoons are always pleasant.  The afternoon usually consists of napping, snacking, reading, and journal writing.

Today I looked up from my book reading and saw all three of the kids sitting at the table, the sun hitting them and I knew this would be our Sunday Photograph for today.

The first picture is my favorite.  Ella writing away...probably some entry with descriptive sentences and sugary sweet words.  Mailee, writing something about school or Zombies, reading what she writes as she writes it...thoroughly annoying Ella next to her.  Then there's Jonas, always having to do what his sisters are doing.  His journaling consisted of scribbles that were supposed to be his name and Nemo-Buzz.

They are cute.

Now...time for The Oscars.  My favorite awards show.

p.s. 2 years ago I was in my hotel room with my best friend in New York, the lights of Times Square lighting our room, eating really bad Thai food we had delivered, and watching The Oscars.

Though I'm not in NYC, I will still enjoy the show tonight, at home, eating peanut buttercup brownies washed down with some hot tea, with Bret.

Who am I kidding...fingers crossed I can be in NYC sometime in the near future watching The Oscars again...minus the disgusting Thai food.

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