Sunday, February 03, 2013

{Sunday Photograph - 86}

 Bret meets with these guys once a week (as part of his calling in our church).  They are some of our favorites that we have had come through and sadly, one of them is leaving our area tomorrow.  They came over and got some pictures with us before he leaves.  Our kids love the "Ninnies" (what the girls called them when they were little).

The rest of the day was spent outside and in the kitchen making some yummy food for our little family Super Bowl party. 

While eating a ton of high calorie foods and treats we couldn't help but reminisce about Super Bowl's in the past where we had lots of friends crammed into our little town home, lots of little kids running around the house, continuously turning up the volume on the television higher and higher with the hopes of at least hearing the game, knowing it was pretty unlikely to be able to watch the game with all those kids everywhere needing our attention.

Poor times.  Crazy times.  Good times.
I must point out  the two top pictures in this post.  The kids were outside "working on their habitats" (picking up leaves and grass for their fairies, or in Jonas' case bugs), before church.

All three of them seem to be going through an awkward photo stage.  Ella is more cognizant of herself and is starting to care what others think (NOOOOOO!), Jonas is at the age where he won't look at the camera no matter what you attempt, and Mailee strikes a pose whenever a camera is out.

It makes for great photos let me tell you.

In other news....
How about that furry rodent not seeing his shadow?  I am sure that was welcomed news?

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Sol said...

Love the picture with the Missionaries.

I often wonder, how the Mothers of the Missionaries feel. And now with the advent of instant access of the internet, do they seek out LDS families on blogs in the areas that their children are in the hope that they see them in pictures. And if it gives the hope and calms their worries when they see their smiling faces. Knowing they really are OK as they see they come to houses like yours for dinner etc.

That thought gives me the warm fuzzys.

I am glad that spring is on its way. The weather sure is weird over here right now.

Love the girls boots. I would like them myself.