Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Showing Some Love}

A few last minute Valentine ideas...

 I like to raid the bargain bins at Target.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who goes to Target and ends up spending $20 on $1 items??!  It seems my self control goes out the window whenever I enter the red doors of Target.
A pile of their Valentine goodies and a hand written letter from Bret and I for each child will be waiting when they come downstairs tomorrow.

Aside from their shirts that were $5 each (Old Navy), I spent $10 on the rest of their goodies:
-Pocky Sticks
-dessert and crayon erasers
-plastic heart necklaces
-lips that whistle
-mini coloring/sticker books
-whoopie cushions
-light up jelly rings
-Ramune soda (aka marble soda's - a favorite here)

I know that this holiday is ridiculous in the sense that we shouldn't need a holiday to be able to tell people in our lives that we love and appreciate them, but I say any excuse to reiterate to the ones I love just how much I do in fact love and appreciate them is fine and dandy with me!

Side note:  Yesterday while talking to the girls I asked them even if we didn't celebrate Valentine's day if they would know Bret and I love them.  Their responses made me smile and of course...laugh.

Ella: "Yeah...pretty much everyday is Valentine's day at our house, at least after dinner, because that's when you and Dad dance around the kitchen and slap each other's bums". *giggle

Mailee: "We know you love us, even on the days when you're more like Ursula or the mean queen lady on Enchanted."

My kids keep me humble.


Jessica said...

I love Valentine's Day!!!!
I also LOVE your gifts to Bret!

Sol said...

Love it! Love Ella's comment.

I love Pocky. I buy them in the Thai supermarket. they keep me 4 boxes of the strawberry flavour ones. its like the taste of a McDonalds milkshake on a stick. and for 11 calories a stick I think it is worth it!

Anonymous said...

I love those comments and I think it is great that they see you "slap each others butts"...signs of a good Mom and Dad. :)
Sarah B.