Monday, February 11, 2013

{May I suggest...}

Remember when I used to do MPM?  I stopped sometime last year and haven't really missed it.  MPM was more for me to keep links of things I found online that I would like or wanted to share, but along came Pinterest and it solved my problem of saving links. 

For now the weekly Monday MPM post with things I love and think you just might as well will still remain a thing of the past.  I will however, share some current favorites of things I would love, do love or have loved from time to time.   How is that for compromise to those of you who have been requesting I bring back MPM?

Bret has been asking for the last few weeks for my birthday wishlist.  Make no mistake, I have things I would like but it seems they change or I find reasons why it just isn't practical or figure I don't really need anything.

After a few weeks of thinking, I came up with my top 10 things that consistently came to mind.

May I suggest (for me, for you, for someone you love) ...

1. These are my favorite candles.  They smell amazing and the jar is so pretty.  I love fire and it's a pretty common site to see candles lit on a daily basis around here.  Volcano and Madarin Mango are my favorite.

2.  I love music.  A burned music compilation put together by someone I care about always is on my list of things I want.  This little "mix tape" contains a flash drive that music mixes can be placed on.  Such a good idea!  I think I will do my own little version of this idea for gifts this year.

3.  You know me and shoes.  I love a good wedge.  Tried this sandal on and fell in love.  It is comfortable and cute.  I just can't decide on a color.

4.  Film for my Instax Mini is always a great gift.  It always surprises me how fast we burn through that film.

5.  These two palettes have been at the top of my list for a while now.  Sephora oh how I love thee.

6.  Every time I am in Anthropologie I almost buy a few of these tumblers, but talk myself out of it.  I love colored glass.  I would probably buy one of each color.  I have a feeling any beverage enjoyed from these would be enjoyed even more because of how pretty these are.

7.  My favorite pair of sunglasses is somewhere along the North Shore in Hawaii.  These Ray-Bans would make the perfect replacement.  Let's hope that if I get these ones they last as long as my old pair did (5+ years).  Note to self:  Wear the $10 pair to the beach next time.

8.  I am on the look out for a good arm band for my phone.  This one seems to get good reviews.  Having music on my runs/walks is a must.

9.  I've had this little charm on my list for a while now. I've started a nice little collection of charms, and a state charm from Kris Nations would be a great addition (along with almost every earring in his collection)

10.  Some think gift cards are impersonal.  I least for me.  Gift cards allow me to get things I want/need.  I often keep a gift card in my wallet for months before using them.  I like to know that I have a gift card and think about different things I could get.  Gift cards are great!


Meg said...

totally go for a shuffle vs an arm band. it's worth the'd probably actually spend the same amount on a good arm band as you would on a shuffle and a shuffle weighs less and won't chaff up your arm if you sweat.

Jo said...
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Leilani said...

Both 5 and 6 have been on my wish lists for awhile. I NEED a new nude pallet of eye shadows and I WANT those glasses so bad. I love the colors too.

I also completely agree on gift cards. I too keep gift cards for months before I figure out exactly what I want to use it on.

And Meg's idea about the shuffle is awesome. I have one and love it. It has a clip so I can just clip it to my shirt or sports bra. Mine is a few years old so I don't know if the new ones have the same feature. The other thing to consider about the arm band is the tan that can accompany it's regular use.

Melanie said...

I'm in love with those candles but can't seem to justify spending that much on them with no longer having the anthro discount. But they are definitely the best smelling out there!