Friday, February 08, 2013


01. It's raining and grey.  This weather calls for chunky over sized sweaters, leggings, and a cozy sweatshirt with a little superhero flare.

So far today we've piled all the blankets and pillows together to jump multiple times into, watched the rain come down through the window for a good 20 minutes, failed in my attempt to build a train track masterpiece as good as Bret can and read books (Mo Willems I love you).

I admit, I do enjoy a rainy long as a few weeks of warmth and sun follow.

EDIT: Stepped away from this post for a bit and now it's SNOWING.  Let's hope tomorrow brings back the sun!(see pics below).

02.  Today my grandma turns 93!  She doesn't look a day over 79 1/2.  That is pretty awesome.  Wanna know something else that raises her awesome level?  She is reading this right now I am sure...yes, she emails and reads blogs. 

Happy Birthday Grandma (and Grandma Great)!  We love you!

03.  Brach's candy hearts are chalky bits of yuck.  At our house we prefer Sweet Tart's conversation hearts.

04.  I keep checking on Chuck Norris (our 10 lbs. Tortoise).  He is in a paper box, which is in a plastic storage box (lid off of plastic box), surrounded by crumpled newspaper on top of our water barrels in the garage, hibernating.   Near the end of this month he should be done hibernating.  YAY!  I miss my favorite pet.

05. My favorite thing that Jonas does lately (other than being accident free potty training wise for a couple weeks now) is when he grabs my face, kisses my forehead and says " my best friend me!".  
First it was raining...then it was slushing (see above pic).  Then it turned into big flakes of snow!  The only reason why I'm not utterly depressed by this snow is that I know it will soon be melted.

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Debbi said...

I saw jelly belly conversation beans at target today. I think those would be my top pick:)